U-Turn For Christ

U-Turn For Christ is a Christian Discipleship all-encompassing re-entry ministry for men and women trapped in the deceptive, never-ending cycle of addiction. The U-Turn Ranch provides residents with the opportunity to give back to a community that was once ambivalent towards them. U-Turn’s goal is to teach individuals to be independent, self-supporting, and stable under the Lordship of Jesus Christ by becoming an asset to their family, church, friends, employers, schools, and society. Most enrollees come to U-Turn For Christ after hitting their life’s “bottom” and some are ready to do whatever is necessary to have Jesus Christ restore their lives and give them peace again. We have found with men and women, who are ready to give up, “leaning on their own understanding,” and completely surrender themselves to the Lord’s work for 8 months, their lives are never the same.

For more information please click on the logo above, or call (951) 943-7097.