Ministry Leader

Pastor Gerry Brown

Ministry Information

U-Turn for Christ is a residential Christian Discipleship Ministry founded by Pastor Gerry and Peggy Brown. This ministry was established in Perris, Ca and now has many extensions around the world. The primary purpose of the ministry is to help men and women find freedom from bondage of drugs and alcohol and other vices which take their focus off of the Lord.

The ranches provide men and women with the opportunity to grow spiritually and allow God to restore their lives for His purposes. As they hear, study and apply the Word of God to their lives, their hearts begin to soften and that is when we believe God works in their lives best. Both ranches are non-smoking facilities which house men at one property and women at the other.

For two months every resident works voluntarily helping other non-profit organizations while they are challenged spiritually through in-depth studies of God’s Word by local pastors. They are also challenged physically through community service oriented work on and off the ranch all done for the Glory of God. For over 25 years the ministry of U-Turn for Christ has been proven effective in the lives of thousands of men and women around the world primarily because the residents are able to focus or refocus their hearts and minds on Jesus Christ and His will for their lives.

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